Updated on rebuild my life

I am busy to rebuild my life its not easy but everyday is a new day with new beginnings .I am relieved its over for the sake of my children and my family .It was four long years for me .But I have get a second change to be with my daughters .Some days I am still depressed something’s I will never forget what they did to me ,what I have to carry with me for the rest of my life with me .But God give me the strength to go on everyday .I can smile again before I never smiled my life was a mess but with friends and family who was there for me everyday have help me through this time in my life when I have needed them the most .

I have suffer in prison and was torture by South Africa police they raped but still I have fight back no matte how hard it was .I have know I can’t give up my daughters need me my race need’s me .I will fight for my race .To rebuild my life will take sometime and it won’t happened in one day I must be patient everything happened when the time is right.Thank you for all my friends what have walk these four years with me without you it wouldn’t be possible and for my daughters and family what have see me everyday what mess I was .
Greatest Thank you For God to give me the strength to get up everyday and face my problems .Life is hard to live in South Africa if you are white..

I know one day all of this will be behind me and I can life a happy life with my daughters .Sometimes in life we think I will never go to prison but no one is to good for prison .But in prison I found God again and change my way of living .Prison is not easy if you are in South Africa prison but my life have change they day I have set foot in prison and today I can say thank you I am still alive and that I have get my second change in life .Thank you for your support and love and caring about me .God bless you all .


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