Life after prison

There is life after prison ,it not going to be easy .But its not the end of your life ,yes its going to take some time to rebuild your life .I must begin to rebuild  my life but have no idea where to start .Its not easy there is so many piece to pick up and put together .
Four years of fighting did have his toll on me ,I have lost everything what I have work for 20 years .But I know some where will there be a door what going to open to me .Its hard to get your life back ,pain and suffering to work throw the pain is the hardest thing of all.But there one thing I never can forget or try to think the pain will go away ,because nothing can make it better or let me forget about it .At least I have standup some days its hard to get out of bed ,but I force myself to do it .

That night they stole my life ,in that police cell was the hardest thing to deal with ,crying and ask God to take my life ,because the pain is to much and they was hurting me so much .To live with it everyday and every night is not easy but sometimes it did get me under .But with the STRENGHT God have give me I have standup every time I did fall.But at least now I can rebuild my life again be with my daughters .

These last few days was just I was so down and stress ,sometimes in life things don’t work out the way I want it to work out .Time is the biggest healing master .It will take along time before my life will rebuild .I was thinking to study .But first I want to publish my book and after that I thinking of studying .Fighting for my race .

I know_I will make a success of my life ,and I want to prove my enemies wrong .To show them that after prison there is still life ,I am not dead .But will stand up and show them I can make a success of my life .I must prove it to myself to make a success out of my life .



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