Rebuild my life

After its over and done after four years 52 court appearance .Now its time to rebuild my life and look at the future and trying to forget the past and move forward easy it not going to be .But I must take the first step to rebuild my life .I know sometimes it going to be hard and sometimes I will fall but I will get up again .
From today I going to fight harder for our race now I am free to go where I want to .My first priority is my daughters .But my voice will not been silent I will fight harder for our race .Even I know that this threathen messages I received I won’t step back but will continue fighting and standup for our race .Some wounds will heal but others will never heal and I must carry it with me for the rest of my life .The future is laying ahead of me and I want to make the best of it ,I have get a second change in life .This time I want to life my life to the fullest ,nothing will hold me back .It was a hard road I have walk this last four years of my life ,but with the support of family and friends I could walk it everyday ,yes some days was harder than other .Sometimes I did give up and then I get up again and know tomorrow is a new day with new beginnings. It will be hard but I know that I am free and not going to jail there is hope for everyday to take a set forward in the future .Love my race and no matter what I will stand up for my race no one can’t silent me .Thank you to my friends what was there everyday I needed them and still need them you are true,loyal friends what never have turn your backs on me .Without you I will never had make it throw this last four years of my life .A special thank you to Anastacia ,David ,James ,Andrew ,Markus ,Jerry ,Karin ,Chris ,Michael ,Rea,Tj ,David B M,Bastain ,Steven ,Vic ,Bets Brummer,you did you the extra set for me thank you God bless you .Thank you for all the prayers and PM’s ,mails ,phone calls .The future look bright  even I know its not going to be easy but I am ready to take the first step .Much love and respect to my brothers and sisters .Thank you for your support and to be there when I needed you ,I didn’t mention everyone’s names so if I didn’t mention your name I didn’t forget what you did for me .💟💙💟👣👣👣


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