Pleat guilty -My sentence

I have pleat guilty after my lawyer told me that if I not pleat guilty that if I am found guilty the state will ask for 25years sentence and that there is no way that I will win the case .
Explosives-5 years suspended for 5years
Ammunitions-3years suspended for 5years
Can’t own any fire arm
The state admits that they didn’t have any evidence that I was involve or have plan any crime to use the explosives or ammunition. They can call how many witnesses and as still there will be no evidence.
The magistrate told me during my sentence that I am the only one what ever will know what my intension was with the explosives and ammunition.
The also consider that I was 2years in prison ,and that the state denied me three times bail and that I have appeal against it to get bail.
And that I want to make a plea bargain but the police was_ not happy with the sentence and that my lawyers told me not to plea guilty .I am a single mom taking care of my daughters and the dad not paying maintenance. That this sentence will hanging on my head if I think to do the same crime and that the charges are very serious against me and that the must look in the best interest of the community and as well in the best interest of me before they sentence me.Its over but now I have a criminal record for a crime I didn’t commit .They lawyer that have defend me was the first time I speak or see him but he was really fighting for me in court .Thank you for everyone what did support me.It was four long years but its now the end .God is good .



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