Justice for Cornelia


South Africa have a failing justice system ,four years later 51court appearances and not been trail .State have time to postponed the case for the last four years .I have no rights because I am white .
Explosives what is found they never test it ,they don’t have a lab report .Ammunition was test and a lab report is part of the evidence against me .
Four years of my life is gone ,21months in jail.Time what I never can have back .But still this state going on with the prosecution against me .
Monday they will go ahead with the trail or just postponed the case .
I just want my life back ,living my life with my daughters and family .
To have a normal life ,but it look like it will never happenend, no matter what happenend Monday in court they will never took away my pride ,my believes ,I will continue fighting for our race .
They have break me when I was in prison ,but now I will standup against them .
My voice will not be silent ,I am innocent I didn’t commit a crime but was setup by the regime of South Africa .
False statement what they have paid people to give against me .One person was four years in jail before I was there but this person give a statement against me .
White prosecuter is remove from my case ,and a black one was appointed to take my case over .
But I have learn on a hard way in life ,and know today who can be against me ,with God no one can be against me .
Fighting is all I do for the last four years ,but one day all of this must end .
Thank you to my daughters ,my family and friends for your support and love and prayers .God bless you


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