My life

This time in my life I going throw hell ,facing 25years prison sentence .I spending most of the time with my daughters and family I have 5days left before I go to court .I ask my friends to pray for me ,anything can happened Monday when I go to court .I know I will always fight for our race ,even if I go to prison I will keep fighting for our race .God,Family ,Race come first in my life .

Most people will and can’t never walk in my shoes,what I did go throw and fighting the government of South Africa for years is not easy I have lost everything I was working for the last 20years but still I didn’t give in or give up .

Some days is not easy for me ,but if I fall I standup knowing that tomorrow is a new day with new beginnings .I have suffer more than enough the last four years of my life .After I was rape my life didn’t have any meaning to me anymore ,but then I know I will fight for our women what is been raped .

I will carry that with me for the rest of my life ,but I know now that I have suffer to fight for our women we have rights .Sometimes I struggle to accept things ,but I know there is a reason for everything in life .

I will die for my race but I will never turn my back on my race or our people .I am a warrior what will fight till the end .My race is my pride .




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