Update on Justice for a family in South Africa

Time is important to me I spend so much time with my family and daughters I have only 9days left before court.Monday I did see  the headmaster of the school about what the claim happen at school with my daughter .He told me he know nothing about a incident what my daughter was involve in assault a other learner at school .There was no incident at the first place and it shows that the charge against her is a false charge .Herman and Cornelia writing next week there exams and need your prayers please .This cases against them put much stress on them .Today I will post a video of my daughter telling her side and how she is feeling about the false charges against her.
Please continue praying for my family ,I am stress about my upcoming court date ,I don’t know what will happen but still have faith in God .Four years of my life is gone ,I want my life back .Leaving South Africa and start over somewhere else .In this country is no future for whites .

God give me hope and strength,
To standup and never give up ,
For Herman and Cornelia I will keep fighting will I can ,but God is good and know God is everyday with them .Its one of the hardest battles to fight ,I don’t want to go back to prison there is so much to loose ,my daughters without a mother it bring tears to my eyes to think about it .Thank you for your prayers and support .



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