A messages from Cornelia dewet

Fighting for justice is one of the hardest battles to fight ,if you are white you have no rights.Many times throw this four years I have feel like giving up .But then God give me strength to continue my battle .In a few days I go back to court ,hoping that this will be the end .Four years of my life is gone because of this criminal cases against me .I want to have a normal life with my daughters and forget about what they did to me easy it will not be .But I can try to put it behind me and look forward .I will keep fighting for our race that is something what never will change .

If I  go back to prison I will keep fighting for our race ,look at the world what it have become Jews,blacks Muslims is destroying our world .Killing our people ,rape our women .We can’t turn around and do nothing about it ,enough is enough .Our race have the right to live .The governments wants us to keep quit about the genocide of the White race .But our voices will be heard .

A white country is what we need ,with no blacks ,Jews or Muslims .Where our children can have a future ,white kids deserve a_future .White lives matter .We have the right to fight for our children ,they are the future of the White race .If you look at this people say I am proud to be white show that your are .

We must not give in ,but keep fighting for our race .I am proud of my race ,and proud to be white .Let’s unit and stand together and fight for our race .If we don’t no one else going to fight for our race .Let our voices be heard .No one can silence our voices .Love your race and be proud to be White .



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