Upcoming court case

On 2Nov 2015 its time to court for the 51time I attend court .I just wondering will my trail starts this time or will my case be postponed again .For the last four years my case is postponed every time my case must go on trail .With 12 days left my lawyer didn’t speak to me ,how will he defend me without speaking with me .There is no way I will get a fair trail in South Africa .
Its so stressful not knowing what will happens,but I will keep fighting the justice system in South Africa .This case have ruined my life ,financially .If the state just will trail me I will know what direction my life goes ,living with this not knowing is very stressful .
I know that one day it all will end ,but I just want my life back .How long will it take the state to prosecuted me .


I fight so long for justice ,and hope one day it will finally happen .Justice system in South Africa is a failing justice system .If you are white you have no rights in South Africa .And the Anc are against our whites ,if you look at my case ,the setup what was planned by the government against me you see the hatred they have for me being white standing up for what I believe in .They can take away our freedom but I won’t let them take away my pride,our stealing my memory .They can’t take away my believes .Keep fighting for our race The And take our white people,to silence us .But I won’t be silence by the government of South Africa .


God ,Family ,Race is the most important things to standup for and fight for .Our race is under attack and if your eyes didn’t open about what is going on in this world against our whites it will never open .Killing and raping our women by blacks must been stop .We will fight for what we believe in.


But my fight for justice will continue for me my daughter and Herman .Sometimes its the hardest battle to fight and very stressful but I will keep fighting it till the end .To prosecuted my family because the hatred the have for me innocent children it shows you have for the regime will go .
I know we are innocent on all the false charges against us .


Thank you for your support ,every text,email,phone calls I receive daily .Please continue to pray for me and my family .God bless you .


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