Sometimes in life you end up in a place you don’t want to be in ,jail the place of the forgotten .Between that four walls of prison is there one thing you need and that is God without God you won’t make it in prison .For months when I was in jail I never pray because I was blaming God .But one Sunday morning I wake up and decide to attend a_church service in jail .

We learn on the hard way ,prison is not easy in South Africa 99% inmates is black in prison only a few whites .To be in a cell 28blacks and you are the only white between them .Its about to survive in prison .

Everyday was a battle to survive in prison ,some days you feel like giving up .I had give up a few times but then I standup again and fight back .

If you was never in prison you won’t know what it is like if your freedom is taken away .You don’t have a choice about anything .To be lockup for 24hours a day is not easy and to be alone .

Prison change people and in the end you become more bitter as ever before in your life ,the hate grow bigger and bigger everyday you are in prison .

But lessons is learned in life,but sometimes what happenend inside prison left you a broken person .Bad things happenend in prison and to deal with it is not easy .

Pain of prison have changed me for good ,I can never be the person what I was before I go to prison .To much pain and suffering .

But life goes on and in the end of the day lessons is learned on the hard way .Never think you are to good to go to prison ,the prison doors is open for anyone.No one is to good to go to prison .Don’t think its bad people what you to prison or only criminals sometime there is innocent people in jail what was setup .

I am just someone what was setup and did go to jail .I am innocent but to prove it is not easy .To know I can go back any day to prison for a very long time .

Its hard to except but i did except it ,I know I won’t be alone in prison .God will be with me .Its just to know you must leave your loved ones behind .My children my family and the man I love so much .

But for everything in Life there is a reason maybe I don’t know the reason but maybe one day I will know why .

Life goes on
Whatever you choose to move on and take a change in the unknown .
Or stay behind ,locked in the past thinking of what could’ve been



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