Justice for a family in South Africa

That in two weeks four family members is charge and me as well on another case .The regime try to intimidated me to charge my family members with false charges ,where will this end first my 17year old daughter ,my brothers son and my sister and my brother .
If they think its the way to intimidated me to pleat guilty they are wrong because I not going to plea guilty and go to prison for crimes I didn’t commit .The black policemen went and try to intimidated my daughter at school tell her they will lock her up ,for a week long they did go to the school everyday to try and intimidated my daughter .The same black investigators of the police is involve in my brothers son case .
In my case is all black investigators try to intimidated me and my family .I will do anything for my family and they know it but I will never change my plea to guilty .My daughter tell my yesterday that this case against her ,makes her that she can’t sleep and that she can’t concentrated on her school work anymore ,she is scared what will happened to her if she is find guilty .My trail starts 2Nov and anything can happened if I found guilty I going back to jail for a very long time ,my daughters will have no parent to live with ,to give them advice ,love and care about them .Herman finished school his life will be destroyed if he is found guilty on the three charges .
But I still have faith in God and hope a miracle will happened ,I have walk a long road to get where I am today fighting the regime of South Africa for four years ,sometimes I feel like giving up but then I know God is always there for me .To loose everything in life its hard to except but I know God have a_plan for me .For how long can I continue to fight I am so tired .At night when I closed my eyes tears rolling down my cheeks ,the rape I see it every night the nightmares they have stole my life from me the night they raped me in that dirty police cell .Its hard to go to sleep at night and try to sleep I will carry it with me for the rest of my life with me .God please take my pain away I have suffer enough .



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