Fighting the Anc regime of South Africa

Me and my daughters living on a farm in South Africa ,charge by the regime of South Africa .My daughter 17years old is charge last week and my brothers son as well.For crimes we didn’t commit. I fight the regime of South Africa four long years ,assaulted ,raped by black policemen .If you are white and get arrested you have no rights ,because black cops hate our white people .To live with it everyday of my life ,can’t sleep the nightmares I get about the raped keep me awake .I must live with it for the rest of my live knowing I was locked up for 21months for crimes I didn’t commit .Assaulted that the blood was running of me by black police officers .How can I deal with this pain and suffering I try so hard to put it behind me but I can’t the hate I have for the police .How long will I be able to fight with two other family members charges ,the come first they need me .


Where will the regime stop charging innocent people and get away with it .Fighting for our race will I do till I take my last breath .No one will stop me for fighting for our race ,even if its means I must go back to prison .What is in my mind and my heart no one can take it away from me .When will be the end of my prosecution four years and they didn’t trail me .


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