Living in South Africa

Its very difficult to live in South Africa with all these blacks  .They hate the whites and want to kill all the whites in South Africa .Killing the farmers for no reason its murder and nothing else .And the Anc regime just look away ,they blame the whites for apartheid .But in apartheid was not so many black’s killed as  whites killed in 21years the  Anc took over .The police don’t want to help the whites ,if you call them they tell you we don’t have a_ vechile to come out .And if you call for a farm attack the come hours later out ,enough time for the attackers to get away .When I was attack I live 12km away and 2hours later to police arrived after many phone calls and enough time for the attackers to get away .South Africa black police officers hate our whites ,I have talk to a women on a_farm ,the black police officer told her you don’t have money ,the law is for people with money and if we wanted to paint you black we will and there is nothing you can do about it .How many white man and women get raped by black police officers and they get away with it .For our children is there no future in South Africa ,no jobs for white people .Our whites are struggle to found a job and to survive .The world have turn there backs on South Africa and look away .Save the Boers of South Africa .Stop White Genocide .We have a right to live without fearing for our lives ..



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