How far will the regime of South Africa goes to prosecuted innocent people

My daughter is 17years old now she is prosecuted by the regime for a crime she didn’t commit ,a black policemen what investigated the case, black social worker a black magistrate ,black prosecuter in her case .It shows how far the regime will go to get me they know I will do anything for my children they try to break me with this case against her .
But to use a innocent child its so wrong to do the black policemen was last week everyday by the school ,he makes it very difficult for my daughter at school .Where will all this end now they get my family innocent people what did nothing wrong.
The same magistrate ,prosecuter what was involve in my case they was the two what was make sure I stay behind bars for 21months now what will happen to my daughter .
She is a top student at school and now the ruined my daughters life with this false charge against her .And her court date have the make when she must write exams so its all most the end of the school year .Her exams is very important and now will she miss it .
How long will her case be in court ,my case is four years and nothing have happened the state postponed my case every time .
Let there be justice for me and my daughter .Please keep us in your prayers .Thank you for your support



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