I am a women


I am women no disease ,weapon ,wound can take that from me .Its time women stand up and fight for our rights ,I am a women of strenght and fight my own battles I am determined to overcome all obstacles of life .Over come my pain and suffering.When people think the can show me down and get away with it ,I will keep standing tall and sturdy as a rock .I am strong enlightened and awakened .I will not allow anyone to take me for granted I am free spirited and have learn on the hard way but have learned to fight back and survive on my own terms .Never will I be again victim .Because I am a survivor because I am determined to emerge as a women who is stronger than my suffering .
Women must learned to survived on there own ,sometime in life you going to be alone dealing with some problems ,you and you alone can make a choice to be a surviver or stay a victim .In life there are choices to make right or wrong ,so if you make a choice make it right .Show you have faith and is a surviver not a victim .Some of us is hurt ,but its what you decide to do are you going to standup or going to stay down and be a victim .Standup and fight and know for every problem there is a solution.
I did have to make a choice and fight back if I didn’t make that choice ,I will have give up and now my life will be over long time a go .But I have make a choice to standup and be a warrior and fight back .
If you made a choice ,do it right and show you are a women fighting back no matter what is lying ahead of you ,with faith you can do it .A strong women is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely .Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter .A strong women is both soft and powerful.She is both practical and spiritual .A strong women in her essence is a gift to the world .
Let us be women warriors and fight back for our rights and show the world that our women have rights .When I was raped I never have think I will be here to tell my story ,but I did have another change in life to tell my story .The night they raped me I pray and ask God to take my life ,for me it was the end of my life I have know I can’t standup ,my life was over .But one day I get up in my cell and decide to fight back and never give up in my life again .Easy it was not every day I was new troubles but now I know I can deal with it .Standing alone doesn’t mean I’m alone .It means I’m strong enough to handle things all by myself .Be a women warrior and fight back ,even if life is going bad ,fight back have faith and know tomorrow is a new day .Every day is a day to show you are a warrior ,nothing will get you down .Because I am a_women ,I must make unusual efforts to succeed .If I fail ,no one will say ,”She doesn’t have what it takes ”They will say “Women don’t have what it takes .
Never let anyone hurt you and get away with it ,because no one have the right to hurt you .Be a women and fight back .


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