Four years I fight for justice ,everyday is a new day with to try and rebuild my life ,after 21months in prison .I have meet wonderful people in this time what encourage me everyday not to give up but keep fighting .I know God give me strenght to go on everyday ,sometimes when everything get to much I go on my knees and pray and ask God to give me the strenght I needed to go on and keep fighting for justice and to take away all my pain .

For my race I will always fight ,behind bars we keep fighting for our race .Its one thing they can’t stole our minds or take away what we believe in .Once a soldier always a soldier .I have learn in prison its important to keep fighting for your race ,to show they can’t break you or take away what you believe in .

In prison we fight the hardest battle there is to survive and keep fighting in what we believe and for our race .To sit alone between four walls give you enough time to think about life what you want out of life .

My race ,Folk God,Family I will fight for ,God give me this battle to fight I will keep fighting this battle to the end .When I was in prison I learn one think never give up ,I have give up but I did get up and was stronger than before .Then I know no matter what happened God is always with me who can be against me no one .

I know I will be free again to fight for my race again ,and show the And regime of South Africa I will keep fighting for our white race .To look what happened to our race ,we need to standup for our race and fight for our race.

Thank you I did get a second change to be with my family ,and a change to fight for our race ,our voices must be heard .White lives matter and we had enough of the blacks killing our brothers and sisters .
I am proud to be white and love my white skin .


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