Feeding Boer children at school .

This was n project feed a child what I have done by Carolina school ,I was feeding 36 children 2times a day at school,some of this  children the meal the get at school was the only meal they have for a day .I pay for them to attend Christian camps .I buy for them shoes or schoolbags what they have needed they have received from me ,Presents for there birthdays ,pay there bus money to go and do athletics ,I was doing this for one year ,and this children was


like my own kids to me .Friday one of the kids I see ffor the first time I am out of prison ,he is 17 years old staying on street ,his father.mother,sister,brother die in a car crash ,he have no family to take him in.the only thing I could do for him was to give him money to buy food .I have tears in my eyes when I speak to him .this project was something I do for the love of the kids and to help them not to be hungry .sometimes I was buying food for some of them for there parents because there was no food in the house .I have people what have help me ,they day I told them I cant feed them anymore I was crying my heart was in a thousand pieces and that because of leeuwag .this was something I do everyday of my life but leeuwag didn’t want me to do it anymore and a big donation wat was for they kids leeuwag took for themselves and didn’t give it to the kids ,my last project was a Christmas party for they kids they received a present and have a Christmas lunch ,to see they joy in these kids eyes was something to see they joy and the tears .something I will never forget


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