Fighting for justice


All these years I fighting and no end ,if I look I wonder when will be the end .Fighting for justice is very difficult .Everyday   is a new day to fight for justice .I made a promises to my daughters to keep fighting and never give up .

I fight my battle on my knees everyday praying that a miracle must happen ,to take this pain away .I have to live with it everyday for the last four  years .

This baggage I must carry alone for the rest of my life,and live with it everyday of my life .I ask so many times for myself why did they do it to me .

Things I can’t change ,what I must accept but I can’t accept it .To go to prison for a crime I didn’t commit ,but was a setup by the government of South Africa .

One day I will be free of all of this .To get my life back and start a new life .It can’t go on forever .


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