Inside South Africa prison


21Months I was on waiting trail in South Africa ,to be in a prison in South Africa is hell .I was in four different prison’s all over South Africa.I was transfered 6times in four months.
Sometimes my family didn’t know where I was ,after sometime my family found out that I was transfer to another prison .
,I was sick for sometime I was give medication by the prison sister .And I was getting sicker from the medication she give me to put under my tongue,for a couple of days I was so sick I didn’t get out of bed .

The night of 22Dec 2012 I was asking to see a doctor because I was sick that night after I ask black male guards and female guards open my cell .The men guards enter my cell and beating me very badly .The took me outside ,cuff my hands at my back and suckle my feet .Beating me further .The throw me in a cell with no bed or bedding I must sleep on the floor with not even a blanket .27Dec 2012 I was transfer to a maximum prison in Bethal ,I didn’t know there it will be hell .Arrive at Bethal prison I was put into a cell with 28black women

.I was the only white women in the cell .The prison was having just over a hunder prisoners and we was 5white women .To be in a cell with so many dirty blacks was hell one toilet ,one shower .11Feb 2013 I was transfer to Pretoria prison ,where I was lock up  in  solitary confinement was the only prisoner in that unit ,because I was a political prisoner .I was lockup for most of the time 24hours a day .Sometimes the will took my out to take a shower and sometimes 3days they don’t let me shower .

I was alone I have ask permission to have a radio ,but the head of prison say no but all the other prisoners have TV,radios but I was the only one what was not  having a radio or TV  .Not even a Bible .Just me and the four prison walls .At night the guards don’t switch the light on in the cell I must as sit in the dark .2weeks have past and nothing have change after I complain about it .The next morning I go on a hunger strike ,now they was there to talk and ask what I want and I say I don’t want nothing. Hunger strike go on for days without food or liquid,I was getting very ill my family was called to come and see me because the doctor say

I will not make it throw the night if I don’t get medical attention because I say to them I don’t want any medical treatment so my family must sign if I can’t speak for myself anymore the need permission to give me treatment. My family and a family friend and my children visit me the next day .When my children see me I was very ill it was now 9days my children start crying when the see me

.The ask me in front of my family to end the hunger strike immediately but I say no .The doctor come and see my family and tell them I will go into a coma if I don’t get medical attention immediately but I refuse .My oldest daughter start crying and ask me to stop and the other two as well .But I was so sick that I didn’t care anymore if I die.I have give up on life ,but after a few hours

I stop the hunger strike just for the sake of my daughters but I made that day a promises that I will never give up again but keep on fighting for justice .I was transfer back to Middelburg prison .Life in prison in South Africa is hell if you are white .
Strip naked in front of prison guards in Bethal prison and Pretoria prison .

Cells were germ-infested and filled with cockroaches, other bugs, mites, flies, and lice .Food was not fit for human consumption.Flies and mouse dropping in the food.Drugs was avaible in prison by kitchen staff and the guards .

28Jan 2013 I appeared in court for my bail hearing beaten by police ,back at prison I managed to took a overdose of pills I was taken to Bethal hospital but I was transfered to Intensive care unit in Witbank hospital where I was in a coma after a few days I wake up handcuff  to the bed ,undress I ask the sisters  and guards for my close   but was refused lying naked in front of this black guards .


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