Teardrops of blood

Looking out the window
Everything looking dark ,
Oh my country South Africa ,
My heart is bleeding for our Boers ,
Hear they cry of the Boers,
Is there no help for the Boers ,
Or our beloved country South Africa ,
Our hearts is rip into  pieces,
Our family and friends murder ,
We standing next to the grave ,
Of our friends and family ,
Hear our cry for help ,
Looking up to heaven ,
Lord ,o Lord save us ,
We needed you Lord ,
Hear your folk cry ,
Of pain and suffering ,
Save us ,save us ,
Our tears of blood ,
Save the Boers ,
Save South Africa ,


Hear our cry ,
See our tears of blood ,
Save us from this black murderers and rapist ,
Save us Lord ,
Save the Boers


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