Hurting women

Dear Lord ,
There are so many hurting women in the world .
My heart is in anguish knowing some of the things that these women face on daily basis .
I pray for them each and every one of them .
May you wrap your loving arms around them and comfort them .
May your peace pour over them .
May your Holy Spirit anoint them .
Reveal to them their worth and remind them of there purpose .
I pray that your STRENGHT fuels them to endure.
Mend their brokenness and be glorified through their hurt in JESUS nameAMEN


There is so many women hurting and suffering in the world today .Been raped ,abused ,in prison we need to take care of our white women in the world .How many of our women are raped and killed by blacks and their is no media coverage about it .Its time to take a stand and let the world know about what is happening to our women .Women are precious, and need to been respected .Here are no place in this world for men abusing their wives ,getting away with it .There are only one way to deal with a rapist ,our women don’t deserve to been raped and killed

I come out myself out of abusive relationship what I have stay in for 15years but now I am free and it feel wonderful .To deal with pain and suffering everyday get and to a point where you don’t care anymore .Because it just feel you are alone but you are not alone .

I see so many women are hurt and pray for our women to be safe and that they will be healed one day .But with God everything is possible .He will give us the strenght to get throw this pain and suffering


WHATEVER IS WORRYING YOU RIGHT NOW ,FORGET ABOUT IT TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND TRUST IN GOD . I’m praying for the hurting. The forgotten. The weary. The exhausted. The broken. The angry. The bruised.


Save our women .Stop abusing and stop raping and murder our women .My prayers go out for every women hurting today .Know you are not alone God is always with you .


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