My daughters


My three Angels
The lives growing inside me for nine months a gift from God .My daughters is my life ,I will fight till the end to prove that I am  innocent. My daughters have suffer for 21months with out a mother .There father left and just forget about them ,never visits or phone them .For so long time they didn’t have a parent to look up to to talk to .My parents have take care_of them for ,21months thank you mom and dad for taking care of your granddaughters. God bless you .

If it wasn’t for my children I will have give up along time ago ,I made a promises to my daughters that I never will give up again ,but keep fighting for justice .When the have come and visit me in prison ,no contact is allowed .They could see me throw a glass and to know you can’t even give them a hug and say ,I love you .That was the hardest part to see my daughters behind a glass .

They stand behind me ,in every step I take they are there for me .When I am sad the comfort me and say mom don’t worry ,God have a plan with you mom .They are my life I can’t imagine my life without my daughters .And that made me fight harder ,to standup everyday and know it’s a new day with new beginnings .


Here I am after my court hearing will I was still in custody,My daughters can see me before the police took me away .Its heart breaking to look at this photo .Look at my youngest daughter she was only 4years old when I was arrested in front of them .But throw everything they have stand strong and I know it  hard for them for 21months without a mother .


Sarah and Cornelia I am so proud of them ,love them so much .God have give us a second time to be together again .


Joey my little Angel ,a gift from God .
Sometimes I looking for a miracle ,I look in my daughters eyes and already have  greated one .


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