Finding God in prison .


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr

I was always to busy ,to read my Bible to pray ,there was always excuse for not having time to pray or to read my Bible .💙They day I was arrested and alone in a cell I was talking to God for the first time in years .It was feeling right to pray again and know that God never turn away from me .I know I need God back into my life ,without God I will not been able to have the strenght to get up everyday and face my daily problems_.I did know it will be along time for my behind bars .Next morning I go to court and my bail dad denied ,the transfer me to prison .My first step into prison my hell begin ,the black wardens was hating me .But I know God was with me and that it will be a hard time in prison between this blacks hating me for the crimes I was arrested for.The first Sunday in prison a white lady come and ask me to go to church with her ,I say no .But later I went to church the first time I will hear the word of God in 15years .💙After church I going back to my cell and was thinking why did I turn away from God for so many years .That night I go on my knees and was praying for hours .I found God again in prison .From I have accept God again ,I know it was to long without God and that I need to change my life now ,tomorrow_can be to late .I attent every church service there was Sunday .Later I attent church 3times a week and it was what have give me the STRENGHT to go on and never give up .I was transfer to Pretoria prison I was kept in alone because I was a political prisoner .Just me between four walls .There I give up ,I was asking to attend church ,but they say know I can’t because I am political prisoner and is not allowed to go to church with other prisoners .I was asking for a bible the answer was no again .It was  me alone between four_walls of my cell.Lockup for 24hours a day at night sitting in the dark ,the wardens don’t switch my light on .Some days I go without a bath for 3days before the took my to take a bath .One morning I just give up ,I was asking for a radio the say no again but all the other prisoners have radio’s, and TV except me .I did go on a hunger strike that morning ,be alone no one to talk to just me and that four walls was to much for me .
For four years I have accept God ,my life have change .Without God its not possible to survive in prison .


No one on earth could break me ,God protect me .Thank you Lord to protect me ,give me strenght to keep on fighting .Lord you know I am innocent .Thank you Lord for all the love you gave us .



Be a Prayer Warrior .Remember change your life today ,tomorrow can be to late .💙



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