South Africa police .

South Africa police murderers and rapist ,what they do if you are white and in custody .They treat you very bad at night during there rounds its black policemen what do rounds in the women cells .I was in different police cells .And not in one there is a difference .Its dirty no blankets full of lices.Use condoms in the cells laying around .One cell the book me in was no toilet ,no water .And in this cell I was raped by black policemen .And how many other white woman was raped by black policemen and have keep silent about it ,they are to scared to talk.They threathen us to keep quit ,but I have decided to tell my story .Its painful ,they stole my life that night they raped me ,I was crying and praying and have ask God to take my life ..After they raped me I was laying on the cold sement floor,crying for hours and praying but today I know God have bigger plans with me .Its not easy to live with everyday ,but God give me the strenght to go throw everyday .

Police call me a_white bitch ,beating me ,shock me with electricity ,handcuff my hands at my back beating me blood running off me .Threathen to shoot me .In South Africa if you are white and get arrested ,you hell begin when you set you first step in that cell .That I am alive today is a miracle .How many women was with me in jail what was raped by black policemen and they get away with it .They raped our women and nothing happen to them ,because they are black .How many pain this I have to go throw in they 21months I was in custody a lot of pain ,embarrassing ,and have suffer everyday behind bars.

Every time when I go to court to be beathen with ,everyday for 21months I have suffer behind bars .Today my life is still to pieces ,I can’t get over the raped .But today I have God in my life and can fight back everyday ,God give me the strength to get throw everyday for the last four years of my life .South Africa police are criminals they get away with raping our women they are to scarred to talk and to embarrassed to tell anyone about it .But I know God have a reason with my life .

If it wasn’t for God what have give me the strenght to get up everyday ,facing my problems I would have give up along time ago .I was ready to give up ,I didn’t feel like living anymore after I was raped by black policemen it was destroying my life ,if I go to bed at night I couldn’t forget about it ,they stole my life from me .But I take a step at a time ,today I can say that without God I could never survive this .

I am broken and in pain about it ,still suffering to try and move on ,.But I know my race needed me and we must keep fighting for our race .God ,Family and  Race are very important to me .I am white and proud to be White .I will keep fighting for our race.Our race needed us and to standup and be proud of your race .We have the right to be Proud to be white .White lives matters ,we must stand together and fight side by side for our race .

White is beautiful ,and its time to take a stand and let the world know WHITE LIVES MATTERS .Its our rights to standup for our race and let the world hear our voices .We will not stand back its our right to take a stand and let the world know White lives matters and Stop white Genocide worldwide .


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