Justice for Cornelia dewet


Most of the brothers and sisters know me for sometime.I am prosecuted by the And regime of South Africa on false charges .I was 21months in jail before I was taking them to high court and win my appeal against the Anc and was released on bond ,most of you know what hell I was going throw and still going throw for the last 4years .For 4years the didn’t trail me but postponed my case for 48times I appear in court .Friday 10July I going back to court its my trail date but let’s see if they going to trail me .I fight the regime Of South Africa for the last 4years and will keep fighting them .I have the right to have a fair trail but if you white you don’t have any rights in South Africa .Black policemen rape you will you are in custody ,and get away with it because they are black .I facing a prison sentence of 25years on the charges of ammution and explosives .Thank you for all the messages ,emails ,phone calls and for your support .All I want is justice in my case a fair trail ,and to live my life without fearing for my life and leave here and start over in a other country with my daughters .Love you all and thank you for caring


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