Adv Rosemann


Adv Echardt Rosemann what was hired to defent me in my case ,I pay him a deposit ,his travel cost and a guesthouse to stay in .He give me his fee per day what include the next I must pay for ,ticket from Cape town to Johannesburg,transport from the airport,guesthouse .I pay everything the first time he come to Carolina to appear in court .First i meet him at the airport when we travel back he start drinking and will we was talking he was drinking .He language he us ,is very bad swearing he can do very good He was 5minutes in court and postponed the case.He took him back to the airport pay for his lunch and all the wine he drink .The second time he come down was a disaster he was so drunk that my family ask me how can he do that when he is busy with a client .The next morning go to court something didn’t look right for me I didn’t appear in court my case was postponed in the cambers .He was with the magistrate for almost 2hours they talk .We go back to the guesthouse and ,he ask me I must pleat guilty by my next court appearance .I told him I not going to pleat guilty for a crime I didn’t do .He was not happy .Again I must pay his bill for his wine he was drinking two bottles of wine .And then he go and buy another bottle for the road .When we come at the airport he was drunk .I have pay for copies  for my case ,transcripts and every time he send me a email for more money to pay for all these things .The other money for his service I give to him when he come to court .On the end of the day he stole my money and what did he do nothing .But he was send to me by someone to get all the documents in my case and all the in formation.This money I pay him was money donate by friends if he didn’t stole my money I could afford another lawyer .He withdraw from the case after thousands of dollars he was pay to defend me .How could he do it to me ,after he know I did not have money but the money he was pay was donate by friends to help me .Once again he was pay by someone to get all the information in my case .He is low life white trash to stole other people’s money .But one day he will gets his day .He did a trouble thing to me ,after he know what was my circumstances. How far will the regime go to put me in jail .If advocates is pay to do this ,then I can trust any person .They get pay to do all this thing .I can never get a fair trail in South Africa .They make sure that I can never afford another lawyer.


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