I always have a choice I exercising ,everyday,every minute ,every second .
I may not have any choice or influence over what already happened in the past .But I have a choice in how I think,say and do from here on .
You can’t change the cards you are deal with ,but can change how I play them .
I could be quit and pursue my passion, my choice if I want to stay and keep fighting .
I see everything I do is actually a choice .Actions wherever they benign or life changing nature all are choices I make .
Sometimes I may not recognise what I do have a choice because the circumstances are daunting .I look like it just a series of constraints and I don’t see myself having any power or choice over what I faced with .
I can react in a help less manner and continue to suffer in the face of the situation. I master my courage to take action on the outcome what I do .
The first scenario have me to become bitter ,disjointed,unhappy person what get limited expierence of  life .
But I have made a choice to live  life productively, making things happen and creating results you want to see.
However U realized I did in the past and whatever I was doing was all my choices .In accept responsibility for everything that happened whatever it was seemingly within my control or not and took charge to arthilect the life of my dreams
No matter how things may seem,you always a choice .Only trough accepting responsibility for that ,can I finally progress toward what I want
My choice is to keep fighting the justice system in South Africa.Keep fighting for our race
My choice is to fight till the end to prove I am innocent
My choice
Race .


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