Just another day

Today was just another bad day ,so much going on .These last 4years was hell.Go to court and the case get postponed .All I want is my life back ,to be free to leave the country and start a new life somewhere else .Tired of sitting  home ,to do things with the kids .How long will this trail going on ,if they have enough evidence why the don’t trail me .But I know one day it all will end ,I pray that this nightmare come to a end .I have faith ,and know no matter what happened God will always protect me .This informants don’t know what they do to us ,to sell us out what we are going throw our families,our children.They don’t deserve it ,but money talks and for money they go the extra mile to sold out there own people .I lo


ok back today at the last four years of my life ,and wonder was there really one day that I was really happy ,behind a fake smile you can hide your pain for no one to see.One thing I realize today is how will my life be today ,if I never accept these people on Facebook ,or didn’t have Facebook .It all start on Facebook ,they invite me and from there I did get involved with them .But one thing I found in jail is God ,before I went to prison I was always to busy .It was always I will pray later ,read my bible later but it never happened .But in prison there is one thing you need in your life is God .For 21months I go on my knees and pray for one thing ,to get bail but its not my time ,but I have keep praying and they day I get the news I know God answer my prayers.Sometimes we want it now but God do it on His time not our time .They night I sit in that police cell I know I need God but I say to myself ,I have  forget about God .I give my life to God and know today without God your life is empty .Throw everything all the pain , suffering I am still alive to told my story .Even if my day was bad ,I know tomorrow is a new day with new beginnings .Every day is another to be with my family and my kids .Thank you to give me another change with the people I love .


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