Police informant he was one of the master brain.He was a officer in Leeuwag .And was involve in all plans_to over throw_the government .He always say I am a Christian ,but his actions is not of a Christian .He was the master brain in Brits ,he did the planning of Brits but no where is his name mentioned. Why not I ask myself because he is protected by the regime of South Africa .But I didn’t forget about him .He is the guy what like to make plans to get innocent people arrested .He must remember what was his involvement in my arrested with Jaco,Frik,Larry,Victor.But the money have talk because I know he told me one day ,he have a financial problems, so they Anc have offer him enough money to sell his own people out .Money don’t buy happiness. But he must enjoy his blood money .Hope one day he can ask God forgiveness.. I hope everyday I was in prison he was with his family he think what he did to my children and family .But people like him don’t care about others_except for himself .


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