Thank you for your support .


Thank you to everyone what have support me for the last three years.A special thank you to my family and a good friend Johan lubbe without your all it wasn’t possible to do it on my own .Anastacia,Andrew thank you ,you have done so much for me .Lora and Peter thank you .And for my children Cornelia,Sarah,Joey for all your love and support for this last few years ,mommy love you .And to all my Facebook friends thank you .It was a few difficult years for me .Sometimes I just wonder how my life would be if this have never happen ,.Thank you to my fiance for your love and support ,to stand by me encourage me every day .You a wonderful person ,love you baby .I will never give in to the regime of South Africa the must found me guilty .And for your traitors I have standup ,even if I was kick down how many times .But every time I standup by the grace of God .I was never alone in that cell God was with me.You all have think if they break me I will give in but I didn’t. The two times I did I just get stronger to fight again .God gives the hardest battles for his soldiers .I have found something in jail what your traitors must found ,God go on your knees and ask forgiveness. For what your people have done to my children and family .But I don’t want your forgiveness what your traitors done to me is unforgiving. I will fight for what I believe in ,and its to fight the regime of South Africa .There only one thing i pray for is for justice ,to show that kind of humans are your traitors .Take blood money from the Anc and let innocent people go to prison .If it is the last thing I do on this earth is to expose your traitors.My book will be soon publish but not in South Africa but a other country .This time you can’t stop me it will be publish .I hope that your traitors know what you did to my children innocent children to take away there mother its unforgivable.
My next blogs will be
1.Danie Binneman
2.The truth never told (the traitors)
3Adv Eckhardt Rosemann.
4.Willie van Zyl.
5.Heinrich Muller


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