My case was postponed till 11May2015.The state didn’t appoint for me a lawyer the,It will take sometime to appointed a lawyer for me the state don’t have money .The state can’t trail me without a lawyer.For the last three years it goes like this ,always a excuse why the can trail me .Do the state really have this strong case against me it don’t look like it .Why postponed they case and don’t trail me . I can go on like this ,I can’t work I have kids to support.They dad don’t support me and its difficult without a job .But they state think I will pleat guilty not going to happened I will never give that they Anc can forget .I will fight till the end ,they can break me anymore like they do when I was in prison .Now I can standup and have my say .Freedom of speech they can do anything to me ,to stop me .


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