The last attack against the farm of Cornelia de Wet occurred on 27th April 2012. [19]
Cornelia de Wet, before to be arrested by the Imperial Police, wrote [19] that she has been threatened by various members of BBF / Panzer Protection / Leeuwag; on May 20, in particular, by Larry Swart (another member of the Leeuwag), that would have bombarded her with phone calls, threatening her with death, telling her that he would have arrested her, that he would assault her in cell, and that her children will be removed from her.LARRY larry-swartLARRY,FRIK,JACO,WILLIE,VICTOR COME A LONG WAY TOGETHER  FOR YEARS THEY WORK TOGETHER AS INFORMANTS AS A TEAM .LEEUWAG WAS THE WORK OF THESE FOUR INFORMANTS .THEY WAS THEY MASTERBRAINS BEHIND LEEUWAG,PANTZER .LARRY WAS THEY ONE WITH THE PLANS TO BOMB BLACK SCHOOLS .WE WAS A FEW TIME S WITH FRIK ON THE FARM TO COME AND FETCH ME,TO GO WITH THEM .WHAT HAPPEN THE NIGHT ON THE FARM HE KNOW ABOUT ,AND HAVE DONE NOTHING TO STOP FRIK TO DO WHAT HE DID TO ME ,HE WAS A OFFICER IN LEEUWAG ,HE TREATHEN ME FOR MONTHS BUT,TWO DAYS FOR MY ARREST HE CALL ME AND TOLD ME THAT I WILL BE ARRESTED SOON ,AND THAT THEY WILL MAKE SURE THAT I SIT FOR A VERY LONG TIME IN JAIL .


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