justice for cornelia de wet

tonight I sit and star out by they window and think for 21months in prison I never see the stars ,tonight I look at the stars and wonder will it happen again not seeing the stars .or will something good happen Tuesday .no one can imagine how I must feel to know my freedom can be taken away from me again.After all the abuse in prison I see up to go back to prison again .But I believe GOD will make a way for me ,I know if I must go back God have a plan with my life.to have children and know you can betaken away from them again .I have see my children behind glass for 21months no hugging nothing is allowed .you behind this side of the glass and they at the other side .for the last two weeks I have found someone special who love and care about me .and I love him he support me everyday ,I am happy for the first time in a long time .I can loose everything my children ,family and him .to think I was invited by leeuwag on facebook and that’s how we start knowing each other .I open for me a facebook and a hour after it was open leeuwag invited me .from that day my life has change .I was made a officer in leeuwag and we have our first meeting in Ermelo.I have get deeper and deeper in and was so deep already in .they have take our lifes over ,me and one officer Frik Steenberg come close to each other When they begin to plan to over throw the government  I was already to deep in to leave .so one night they fetch me and I took the oath ,it was something out of hell.they way this people do things was different what I was use to ,the plans was made to over throw the government .one night I was with them we had a meeting in Tzaneen and me and Frik Steenberg have some words,I wasn’t agree with them I told them that I leaving the group  Frik told me that I will not leave if I know what is good for me when we get on the farm I told him I am done I want to get out ,he point his gun on me and say try your body will never be found and we will kill your daughters .he leave and in the morning I contacted captain Larry Swart and say I am out .it was my biggest mistake was to leave the group,but something good come from me leaving there plans to arrested more of them was not going to happen ,I warn the people what was going on .Frik call me and told me he is working for the police and everything was planned by the police to arrested us but that I mess up the plan of the police ,he told me that when we was going out to bomb the places that the police will be there and that was when the planned to arrest everyone what was involve in the operations .and we was more than 100 people involve .he told me its my fault that the plan of the police was mess up because I was warn the people to leave the group .he told me I will pay for what I did ,from that day my life was hell.HE DELIVERED THE AMMO AND THE EXPLOSIVES TO ME THIS WHOLE LEEUWAG,BBF AND PANTZER OPERATION WAS A SETUP FROM THE POLICE TO ARREST US ,10646998_1391450371156315_1221023223590894920_n.


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