cornelia de wet true story

Cornelia De Wet the True Story

Cornelia De Wet the True Story

cornelia de wet
Cornelia De Wet, a South African political prisoner since 2010, shares riveting details of prison life in the true story of the conviction of explosives and ammunition. The De Wet family ordeal continues with harassment, after appearing in court 23 times. Securing the services of a prominent advocate Eckard Rosemann and an instructing attorney for the defense, a trial date has been set for January 2015 and March 2015.
Cornelia De Wet finally was allowed bail until the trial hearing. Cornelia De Wet remains determined to prove that the charges filed are false and without conviction. With the trial date set for early 2015, and after a grueling four years Cornelia De Wet hopes to get closure on this nightmare.
The failing justice system of South Africa, coupled with corruption indeed sparks a fear of unfairness and discrimination. The Leeuweg, Panzer Protection, and BBF groups have not stopped the harassment against Cornelia De Wet, creating doubt in a fair trial. Cornelia De Wet is hoping that the ending to the distress will stop. The state wants to convict Cornelia De Wet and hand down a prison term of 15 to 20 years if found guilty. Cornelia De Wet wants a fair trial and justice to prove that this debacle was a framed charge to humiliate the family

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