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Monday, June 9, 2014

Cornelia De Wet, Wedged into a Political Triangle

A former member of the Leeuwag has come forward and spoken about the indictment and arrest of Cornelia De Wet. When asked why he does not approach the defense team representing Cornelia, he said he feared for his life. Remaining anonymous, he gave reports of people who were involved in acts of violence, and how their schemes continue to ignite fear and intimidation of people double crossing the group.

Public History

There are strong allegations that The Panzer Protection company founded by Jaco Scherman was a front for police informants. Jaco Sherman served in the South African Police Force for many years and specialized in various fields. This company was linked the Leeuwag, an organized training facility including special forces training. Then merged with VBWB (a right-wing organization) A member of the VBWB was George Victor Bantjes, a veteran of the South African Defense Force (SADF), including other high profile members. The smaller right wing organizations were combined and focused on terrorizing the country. This was not a new admission, the groups acted in their own interest years before the 1994 elections. The Leeuwag under the control of Jaco Scherman was regarded as the military wing of the VBWB.

The entire front of the right-wing organization was a front for the South African police to manipulate and manage incidents around South Africa. Very similar to the Boeremag setup.

Financing their actions was done by illegal activities such as robberies of cash in transit vans, blowing up ATM’s, and killing people. Gaining inside information to succeed in their wicked ventures was an easy task; they were police informants and dealt with a band of villains.

The Story

If you did not play along or became a threat, you were as good as dead. Becoming involved in this sort of

life was not only dangerous but also damaging to oneself. Living on the edge, struggling to survive, always looking over your shoulder, one wrong move can be the end of your life. Is that what happened to Cornelia De Wet?

In the beginning it was easy, it was a job, but the more you knew the bigger the danger became. Was Cornelia set up to take the rap for others or was she no longer able to deliver the group’s needs? Many reports have reflected that Cornelia is a liar, and a speculation seeker, but during her time in prison, stories started to emerge that there was something she knew, something perhaps to damning to reveal.

List if officers of Leeuwag.

  • Genl Heinrich Muller (leader)
  • Genl Jaco Scherman
  • Maj Charles James Steyn
  • Kpt Larry Swart
  • Kpt Maruis Terblanche
  •  Kil Markus Swart
  • Lt Willie Zyl Kpt Flip van Rensburg
  • Kmdt Adriaane Kleynhans
  • Kpl Rain Swart
  • Kpl Cornelia de wet
  • Ltgenl Victor Bantjes
  • Kapelaan Michel du Plooy Kpt
  • Jaco van Wyngaardt Kmdt
  • Frik Steenberg
  • Rsm Jannie Vermaak
  • Maj Ray Nelson




  • CELE

Operations were to be carried out in the following towns. 


The target was to bomb black schools, taverns, taxi-ranks, police stations and any ANC candidate.

Information of meetings and planned activities of the group

Cornelia was at the meeting held in Tzaneen during November 2011, where the group planned to use mortars to destroy the ANC’s 100th birthday celebration. Nevertheless, could not find the mortars. Then they planned the Mangaung attack. .They used Cornelia and Johan Prinsloo, and the two are arrested.

The deal for the firearms was done with a Rudi Gouws who is also a police informant. The purchase price for the firearms was for a total of R32, 600. The money was given by the police to the informants to purchase these firearms. This is a strong statement to say the least. After receiving the firearms, it was Ray Nelson and Frik Steenberg who took these to Bloemfontein. The people identified as part of this transaction was Frik Steenberg, Rudi Gouws, Ray Nelson, Jaco Scherman and Cornelia De Wet.

It was that night, and argument about the Mangaung operation broke out between the comrades. Cornelia and Frik refused to take any part in the attack; Frik pulled out his gun and pointed it toward her head. As luck would have it, her phone rang, she ignores the call but it rings again, and she answers the call. It is her father who wanted her to come home. He threatened to kill her and warned that nobody would prevent him.

Weapon transaction October 20, 2011 Pretoria, South Africa, 21h00 –

This deal was done in Mayville Pretoria. The people who were involved in the proceedings were Genl Jaco Sherman, Kmdt Frik Stenberg, Maj Ray Nelson, Klp Cornelia de Wet, Maj Flippie, and Kpt Larry Swart. There was money to buy ammunition, explosives, automatic Firearms, pistols, hand-grenades. The weapons were paid for by Kmdt Frik Steenberg, and Maj Ray Nelson was responsible for the transport of the firearms to Bloemfontein.

Then on December 3, 2011 another deal was done with Eddie Stoltz, the group purchased the ammunition from him for an amount of R14, 750. The same people were involved this deal was done in springs.

A farm in the northern Cape owned by Leon Snyman was used to hide weapons. The South African Police new about this and did not investigate or examine the allegations.

One night there was a meeting and Kmdt Frik and general Jaco decided that there will be a container delivered to Cornelia’s house on the farm by Kmdt Frik Steenberg. In that, the container was explosives and different ammo for different caliber weapons. He told her that she must keep the container for the next operation. The container was sealed. After that she refused to go ahead with their operations, she wanted out. He never fetched the container. The container remained in the same place it originally was placed when delivered to her house. Then Jaco Scherman decided to make a phone call to crime stop and report her. However, he also decided to respond to crime stop that she planned to overthrow the government. It was a ploy to get rid of her at the same time.

Just the same as Johan Prinsloo of the Mangaung case, it was a setup. 

The raid on Cornelia’s farm house was planned and impractical. On the farm, there are four houses and outside buildings. The police only went to Cornelia’s house and raided her home. The other houses and outbuildings were not raided or searched. It is assumed the police were tipped about the ammunition and explosives kept in her house. While searching Cornelia was electrically shocked to force her to answer questions.

Cornelia was arrested without bail and moved to several different police cells. It took 21 months for her to finally come out on bail.

Free Cornelia, she is the victim taking the rap for the sinister works of underhanded people


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